The Nanny Diaries (Region 2) DVD Review


About The Nanny Diaries. In short since its not aimed at a male audience the best way to describe it is to say it’s the most recent book to movie conversion in the chick flick genre. This time it’s Scarlett Johansson in a fish out of water situation as someone who suddenly becomes a nanny for the really upper class with no experience.

As a drama the movie shows the neglect of the child by the parents with only Scarlet Johansson to save him from constant depression. Then you have the inclusion of Chris Evans (The Human Torch in Fantastic Four) as the inevitable love interest for her. The film plays to all the stereotypes about those with a higher economic status in what’s known as the East Side in New York. It’s your classic romantic comedy/drama formula with all the trimmings.

The shame is Chris Evans an actor who managed to present a fantastic performance in the character piece London is under utilised. The scenes that show the story progression are obvious and without definition. While there are some cases where a movie that would normally be considered a chick flick would be an interesting distraction for guys this one isn’t. It’s a movie that has you watching the clock, literally. The inclusion of a singer (Alicia Keys) in a token best friend supporting role is never a good sign.

You can rest assured though that if your looking for a late movie gift this Valentines month then if you find The Devil Wears Prada in her DVD cabinet this will fit perfectly. It has the same kind of underdog story as that title.

DVD extras this time around are nine deleted scenes, a making-of (17 mins), interviews with the book writers about their opinions on the movie (22 mins) and a theatrical trailer. You also have included an extra that’s hard to remember another instance of, a blooper reel (4 mins) sponsored by a company.

Verdict: –

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