Rockstar: We never planned Eminem-GTA movie

Dan Houser saying WTF?

In our last post, we found Variety alleging that Rockstar almost yes to a movie project based on the GTA franchise, that was starring none other than Eminem. The project supposedly got cancelled at the last moment, saving millions of innocents like us from cinematic torture.

When contacted, Dan Houser, who is Vice President of the Creative team at Rockstar said that this was all bull and that Rockstar never agreed to any such deal. To find out more on this rebuttal and Rockstar’s current plans for future movie adaptations, hit the jump!

Houser said:

Some movie producers were trying to put something together to entice us to make a movie, as studios and production teams frequently have done in the past. This proposal was no more interesting than the numerous others we receive. We never entertained proceeding with the project.

In short, Houser stated that Rockstar was never interested in a GTA movie, it is not right now and will probably not be interested for quite a while. So if you had any dreams of a GTA movie, you’d best trash it for now and be satisfied with the game (besides, GTA IV doesn’t look that bad right now)!

We’re cool with that, as long as Eminem is off the cinema screens. Speaking of Eminem, the rapper wasn’t available for comment, so there.

And once again, Sensibility saves us from yet another catastrophic game-to-movie adaptation!

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