Gearbox working on new, top-secret project, is hiring!

Top Secret

Gearbox Software, known for being the guys behind remarkable titles like Brothers in Arms series, the Half-Life expansion packs, the Halo: Combat Evolved PC port and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero have revealed on their forums that they are working on a new, top-secret project and are looking for talent!

We knew that Gearbox is busy with the upcoming Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway and an original project called Borderlands that we covered earlier. This new project however, is not among the two of these and will not even be coming for a while – hit the jump to find out more!

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has confirmed that he will be directing this new project himself, and that he cannot reveal anything about it at this moment. Making no waste of hyphens, he described it as “look-at-our-line-up-and-imagine-something-even-bigger” and “When you find out what this is, you’ll likely agree that I can’t oversell this one.”

But Pitchford needs your help this time! He’s looking for talent outside Gearbox, namely a “super senior artist – lead artist or art director level”. If you think you have what it takes, head over to their forums (link above) and show ’em what you’ve got. They also need some programmers and guys to transport pizzas and burgers.

Gearbox is really pitching this as an AAA-title, so that’s not to be taken lightly. We wonder what it could be, though you better not get too excited. It’s still in a tiny team’s hands in pre-production stage – the big production phase won’t even start till Borderlands has shipped, so you know the scale we’re talking about.

We wouldn’t expect more info on this just yet, at least not until the second half of the year, but it’s definitely something worth getting all hyped up for!

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