Doug Lombardi confirms more Portal

The Cake is a Lie!

Hungry for more cake? Valve says it’s ready for more servings! Talking to Eurogamer, Valve’s Doug Lombardi confirmed rather vaguely that there will be more Portal, although of course, he said nothing more about that.

If you remember, we also talked to Doug Lombardi previously, and managed to extract the fact that there will be more Half-Life after Episode Three. Doug also says that he loves Eurogamer, which has sent the StuffWeLike spiralling into a depression.

Still, I bet you want more on the news itself. Hit the jump and find out!

To be specific, Doug said “There’ll be more Portal, for sure. But the details of that, to be honest, we’re still working out.” He also goes on to humbly state that “The only smart thing we did for Portal was to hire those seven kids and give them the support they needed to make the game.”

Valve does say, however, that the next Portal game will be more than a bunch of puzzles – and I trust them on that, since Portal was touted as innovative and it came out as way more than innovative. Still, since Valve is in planning stage over this, we should expect plenty of changes to plan here and there. After all, I wouldn’t be surprised if Valve aks their trusted seven slaves kids to make an expansion pack before a big sequel.

Doug also talked about Episode Three, but not more than saying that fans’ questions will be answered this time round, and we will find out where it’s all heading – not a bad thing, except that knowing Valve, I can tell that will insert a dozen more questions and a paragraph-long monologue that nobody other than the writer on LSD can make out.

Also, don’t go hoping for an Orange Box this time round, although it certainly would be good. Expect downloadable maps for Team Fortress 2 and be content meanwhile.

…and when you’re dead, I will be still alive…

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