Ender’s Game gets a video game: about damn time


I’m sure the second thing you thought after finishing one of the most entertaining sci-fi books of all time- after “there’s no way a kid could do all that.” – was “damn, a game based on the battle room or space battle simulator would be awesome!”  Your wish, my fictional reader, is about to come true, as WRAL reports:

Chair Entertainment Group will utilize Cary-based Epic Games’ Unreal engine to develop the first videogame based on science fiction author Orson Scott Card’s international best-seller “Ender’s Game.”

Sure, Chair’s track record may not be incredibly impressive- the reasonably good (in my opinion) Advent Rising, and recent XBLA freebie Undertow being their primary claims to fame- but how could you go wrong with the Battle Room?  Penny Arcade may be pessimistic, but I still have hope for the game I dreamed about back when I was 13.  And the first releases are expected to be downloadable titles, so cross your fingers for a budget price across all consoles.

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