More cool game swag you’ll never get your hands on.


Why do developers enjoy tormenting me? First the Weighted Companion Cube plush sells out before I can get one, then the Okami Complete Works book gets delayed indefinitely, and then I hear about the cool chocobo mug several months after Square-Enix sells out its original production. The latest useless bit of junk I’m doomed to lust after and never get my greedy paws on? A kick-ass fan with official artwork of Okami on it. This one they’re not selling at all, so at least I don’t have to blame my chronic late to the party status this time

Author: vonderhaar

What's there to say about me? I'm just your average gamer, suckered by a childhood spent with my nose buried in the latest EGM into dreaming that I could turn my favorite hobby into a livelihood. If the dream doesn't end up becoming reality, I've got an interest in philosophy, political science, economics, and sociology that will hopefully land me a job somewhere in academia.

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