Unreal Tournament 3 Beta Demo


The UT3 beta demo is something of a mixed bag. It gives you everything you would expect from the old UT games with the closed in environments and a few larger ones. The game play feels more like UT 1 than the yearly update versions with its quick pace but the demo does feel like its cut in two. The larger maps feel like they have had parts of the HUD taken from other games, messed about with and then ruined. The smaller non vehicle game areas are much better and faster paced giving exactly what you would expect.

The beta demo has a usual file size for this kind of game but the interesting thing is when trying to connect to servers there are a lot of phantom ones listed. This means most likely you will end up playing against the AI and its one of those cases where the AI seems to know exactly where everything is and has a single purpose of targeting just you and ignoring your team mates on the vehicle map.

Is the beta demo worth trying? Yes. If you like the quick Quake style multiplayer then the demo will keep you busy. If you approach your FPS’ more like a strategy player, slow and calculated then this will not be too your liking.

Remember, this should not be considered a review of the full game just an opinion on the PC beta demo.

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