Child’s Play being remade, promised to be “more terrifying”

Chucky, from Child’s Play

David Kirschner spilled some beans when he was asked to spill some beans on his upcoming movie, Martian Child. But the beans he spilled had nothing to do with Mars, but lots to do with Child. To avoid further annoyance, I’ll put this straight – Kirschner is working on a Child’s Play sequel, but this one is going to be a remake of the original. That’s right, folks Chucky is coming back.

Before you start signing death threats, let me inform you that things can actually be good here. Kirschner has worked on every Child’s Play movie to date. Also, the screenwriter of the original Child’s Play is writing the script, which is supposedly very true to the original with a few twists here and there. No director has been attached yet. All the details above are subjective to change, however, as the movie is still very, very early in production. Kirschner has promised, though, that this one will actually be “more terrifying”. Sounds good, baby.

Considering the sort of horror we get these days, I’m thinking it’d be great to have some of that old-time horror again. Or perhaps a fusion of time, if they get a modern director on it. Also, I wonder if Chucky is going to be the same, classic red-haired, freckled doll or a new piece altogether. I suppose you can expect violence to be severely increased in this movie (as if it was any less in the original). Maybe a viral marketing campaign some time before the release? That’d be plain awesome. I can’t wait!

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