Super Smash In February: Good or Bad?

Super Smash Bros Brawl cover art

Super Smash Brawl has been officially moved to February 10th, 2008. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

Personally, I believe this is a good thing because in my mind, if a game takes longer to come out but it actually needed that time to fix things, it is completely worth it. I don’t want a game to come out a few months earlier just because that’s when they said it would come out. I want the game to come out when the creators feel that it is ready.

Additionally, who can really say that there’s not enough games out right now, or coming out in the next couple of months as it is. I know I definitely don’t have enough money to spend on these games but if you do, you probably have better stuff to do than think about when Super Smash is coming out.

Also, February is generally a month in which a small number of games usually comes out. In addition to spacing out the times of these awesome games coming out, it is filling in the some of the gaps during a usually gameless month.

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