Sony planning something big for October 12th?

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It seems that Sony has heard enough news articles bashing them and their erratic corporate policies. We can’t blame them, although I would have preferred slicing journalists’ limbs with a chainsaw. If rumour is to be believed, Sony is preparing to strike back with a “Big bang” announcement this October the 12th.

GamePro states that something is going on in Sony’s offices, and it will all spill out on said date. Now, speculation has been running wild and since this news article is still in “rumour” section, we can predict anything from collaboration with aliens to a price drop for the PS3 to the announcement of the company’s dissolution. For all we know, Sony might even be creating a new universe. (They did say “Big Bang” 🙁 )

Whatever it is, it will have to wait for 12 days. We really hope this is worth it, Sony.


One thought on “Sony planning something big for October 12th?”

  1. Since we all know that Sony put all its eggs in one basket – the PS3 – I’d imagine it’ll have something to do with that. Price drop is definitely likeling considering a new model for the PS3 has been confirmed in Sony’s new ad:

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