Rumour 2: Bungie splits from Microsoft?

Halo 3 launch

All this talk of rumours has me convinced that something big is going to happen real soon. But right now, let’s talk about the rumour specifically:

A guy from Seattle Post Intelligencer Blogs is running around the streets with a doomsday sign in his hands and saying that Bungie has split from their beloved publisher and surrogate mother, Microsoft. Bungie’s record-breaking video game seemingly pleased the big daddy enough to let them be set free.

Microsoft has supposedly chosen not to announce this right now, as it would hurt their quarterly sales of their already well-sold Halo 3. And about the future of Bungie?

They are now an independent entity, no longer licking Microsoft’s shoes. However, Microsoft still owns the Halo franchise, so if anything Halo is going to happen, it’s coming from Microsoft. However, it has been mentioned that Bungie might be interested in making a Halo 4.

I say for heaven’s sake, no! The Halo series has been completed with the end of the trilogy. Something like Halo Wars, sure! But please no Halo 4. 🙁

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