Dog swallows Wiimote, Sony not involved (as of now)

Labrador Retriever

The Becknell family from Loveland, CO was leading a normal day when suddenly their 3 year old Labrador Retriever started vomiting blood. A visit to the friendly vet showed that there was a freaking remote inside the dog’s belly. But the Becknells made the mistake of thinking it was just another ordinary remote. Turns out that there was also a Wiimote. That might also explain the many bugs the family faced when they turned on their regular copy of Wii Sports, and how the dog was able to mentally win every tennis match.

The dog had chewed the old family remote “into little pieces and that wasn’t the mass in the X-ray.” Eventually, the Wiimote surfaced. As you can expect, the parents got angry, the vet got money, the dog breathed a sigh of relief (and despairs at having lost his cheat) and the kid got blamed. The poor kid has lost two weeks’ worth allowance to pay for a new remote.

When contacted, the dog denied any connection with Sony. Sony representatives threw rocks at us when we tried to contact them. I think there’s no corporate politics involved here.

[Via Fun Tech Talk]

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