Sony quitting the console race?

Sony Playstation 3

Right since the humongous price of the PS3, we have seen Sony face insult after insult and make several more blunders while at it. To put it simply, Sony as a console maker has its reputation sliding down faster than a drunk hobo on a snowboard on a frozen river of Mountain Dew. 😕

Sony’s stock has dropped and news indicate that their spending on the next-generation chip (which will power the potential Playstation 4). Also, they are planning on “selling manufacturing lines that make the Cell processor” to Toshiba! Does this mean that Sony is no longer interested in the heated consoles market? Does this mean that the Playstation brand has come to an end? Is Sony planning something radically new (like Wii)?

We can only make wild guesses at this point, but there is no denying that Sony’s PS3 went rather badly compared to the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii.


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