Blizzard’s “really awesome” project is codenamed Hydra

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We brought you news of Blizzard working on a secret, “really awesome” project some 2 months ago, but you’ve probably forgotten all about it. Here’s a bit of a refresher. The game is under development by a certain “team 3” comprised of 40 members. Nothing is known about the game other than Frank Pearce’s (Blizzard Sr. VP of Product Development) words: “really awesome”.

Now, the snoopy reporters at The Inquirer did some invisibility-cloak-enhanced spying on Blizzard employees and heard the following conversation:

Blizzard Employee 1: What are you working on?
Blizzard Employee 2: Starcraft II, and you?
Blizzard Employee 1: I am working on Hydra.

The codename “Hydra” has been confirmed, though it makes one wonder as to whether it will be the actual game’s name. Are we still staring at the game that will one day become the hugely-anticipated Diablo III? One can only be left in the shadows at this point.

[Via Kotaku]

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