BioShock sequel confirmed!


Alright, c’mon. How can a game that has silenced so many critics not have a sequel? BioShock is being loudly touted as one of the greatest shooters ever, and to not make a sequel for it is just against gaming laws.

Take-Two Interactive’s Chief Executive Officer Ben Feder reportedly said when presenting his company’s financial report:

Our creative teams are delivering a strong and increasingly diverse product portfolio, including our successful new BioShock franchise.

BioShock “2” hasn’t been listed on Take-Two’s 2008 Fiscal Year line-up, which can either mean that it’s going to be released in 2009 or (worse,) later, or that it’ll be on next year’s November 2008 line-up. Certainly exciting!

[Via Gameplayer]

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  1. I’m buying this for PC as soon as I can! I’ve been playing the version I got at but I want to get it legally.

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