Dragon Ball Z the movie?


Dragon Ball Z has been confirmed. It will star Justin Chatwin and James Marsters. See this post for more details.



Screenshot from an episode of Dragon Ball Z

If the Gazette hasn’t begun spreading lies, it is probably telling the truth when it says that a live action Dragon Ball Z movie may actually be in the works!

According to the Gazette, 20th Century Fox is working on 3 movies that are expected to be shot in Montreal next year, each having a budget of atleast $100 Million! From the source:

The films are the Night at the Museum sequel Another Night, Independence Day director Roland Emmerich’s remake of the sci-fi flick Fantastic Voyage and a big-screen adaptation of the Japanese manga Dragonball Z.

Are we hearing this right? Dragon Ball Z is an immensely successful franchise spanning mangas, animes, several video games and who knows what else (wikipedia it, dummy).

We know nothing more than this, except that production should end by next July.If this turns out to be ‘fer real!’, we might just be in for a nonsensical, but fast-paced, action-filled live action flick! Just the sort I like!

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9 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Z the movie?”

  1. Ooo, that was brilliant. 0 years old.
    Personally, I can’t wait. I thought Transformers was going to be bad, but it blew me out of the water…I just hope DBZ does the same.

  2. i want to go see this movie but justin chatwins a pussy u cant make this movie with real actors it wont work dont try it theres gonna be 2 feet tall hair wigs and 40 pounds of green makeup on piccallo its gonna be a disaster and ruin the dbz leagacy unless they animate it that is whati would go see 😆

  3. Ok so growing up as a kid, dragonball n dragon ballz was the shit for me. i thought it was badass. Now ive grown out of it, I always thought they should make a movie, but I dont see how they could make a live action movie. The idea of the Dragon ball movie is very risky but im looking foward to seeing it, because I was such a big fan of it when i was younger. I think the casting is good, its not the absolute very best but its good. It all going to come down to the effects and how the movie is filmed by the director. The director will make or break this movie. This movie will either be one of the most surprising badass movies like transformers, or it will barry dragon ball forever. I hope it’s badass


    transformers sucked, the story line did not folow anything of the series.
    the militairy shuffed the inexplainable machines and hacking on freaking asia???

    sounds logical not to take people seriously who have proven to know a lot, and that there is a elite militairy service above the president who act only one way, and can’t think

    that film had more weak spots in there storyline then rocky v

    they have a hot chick though

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