Buy kickass Covenant Weapons!

Covenant Weapons

Right when you thought we’d spend some time without reporting news on Halo 3 merchandise, we hit you with this. These are full-size replicas of the famous Halo weapons, the Plasma Pistol (left) and the Plasma Rifle (right), both of which are decent weapons. I still want the assault rifle very badly, though. πŸ™

These babies actually light up, recoil, vibrate and do all the cool shit that the things in the game do. And no, these are NOT props for the upcoming movie (which that real-life Warthog is). You can actually buy these!

They’re made of glossy rubber and plastic and don’t fire plasma as of now, though that must in development. The pistol is priced at $70 right now and the rifle is at $120. Buy them while stocks last, because there aren’t many of them yet. But just wait till the Covenant actually invade the planet. We’ll have plenty then.

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