Twisted Metal PS3? If so, why?


Above, we have an image of a mushroom cloud produced by what appears to be a powerful explosion. On closer inspection, however, you’ll find that plume of smoke resembles a clown’s face, and there is a Playstation 3 logo tucked neatly in the bottom right corner. Coincidence?

The image was created by Fredrick Sameul, an advertiser and graphic designer. Although no official information exists at this time, many believe the visage above represents none other than the most ridiculous boss character of all time, a hell-bent clown in a rocket-fitted ice cream truck named Sweet Tooth.

Sweet Tooth proved to be the most enduring character in the Twisted Metal series, beginning as a lowly combatant and later being promoted to final boss while the roster around him shifted wildly. The image above looks absolutely nothing like Sweet Tooth, but his appearance changes so much from game to game it wouldn’t be hard for me to believe that’s supposed to be him.

Anyone who ever played the PSX should be familiar with Twisted Metal. The pinnacle of vehicular combat games in it’s heyday, Twisted Metal was Mario Kart‘s battle mode having a meth-induced, heavy metal nightmare. Most fans, including myself, agree that the series peaked during the sequel, Twisted Metal 2, but at least four other Twisted Metal games followed, each more disappointing than the last, until the series was all but forgotten with the early PS2 release Twisted Metal: Black Online.

If the above image is indeed a teaser for a PS3 Twisted Metal then why, oh why, Sony, can’t you just let Sweet Tooth end his blood-drenched reign with dignity? So many other series have had every last bit of life rung from them. I’m still living on the memory of countless hours of Twisted Metal 2! Don’t make it obsolete. Don’t do that to me.

2 thoughts on “Twisted Metal PS3? If so, why?”

  1. i have not played twisted metal 1 or 2, only three, 4 and so forth.

    i still think that they were addiction-status worthy, heck .. i still play 4, but i truly wish that this game does happen, awsome franchise…

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