Universal to handle new Dracula movie


An older, more sophisticated Dracula.

I wonder what Bram Stoker would have to say about all the ridiculous Dracula interpretations in this day and age. Or heck, I wonder what Count Vlad himself might have said. I enter this philosophical soliloquy in lamentation of an act of torture committed by Universal Pictures. They are making a new Dracula movie. And I predict its going to be terrible.

Titled “Dracula Year Zero”, this new flick will be directed by Alex Proyas and produced by Micheal de Luca. The story, written by Mark Sazama and Burk Sharpless, will be revolving around Count Vlad “Dracula” himself, rather than a Victorian-era Dracula. Count Vlad, if you don’t know, was a Romanian Warlord who scared the living daylights out of the invading Turks. He was the prime inspiration for Bram Stoker to make Dracula.

The movie can be then, an excellent sword-slashing, curse-babbling period action flick with some supernatural influence here and there. Proyas said that the project “manages to play off the horror and the sympathy you have for a character that sells his soul to the Devil to save his kingdom and family.”

Dracula will be at the height of his powers and bashing Turks open in the movie. I wonder if Sazama and Sharpless decided to cross 300 with Dracula and see what happens. Heh.

“One of the cool things about this is that we’re doing it at Universal,” Sharpless said. “This is the home of monster movies.”

I can’t figure out here whether he means ‘monster’ as in terrible creatures or terrible, impossible-to-watch movies. Awesome or not, this is one movie I’d like to keep my eyes on.

[Via Variety]

3 thoughts on “Universal to handle new Dracula movie”

  1. Well actually this doesn’t sound that half bad. I mean we’ve heard the real Dracula story and now we get to finally see it. I’d rather watch that than the fictional one which has been crapified over and over.

  2. This could be a cool movie.

    What I’m really excited about is the upcoming Wolf Man remake starring Benicio Del Toro. He was born to be the Wolf Man.

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