E3 2007: Nintendo’s New Wii Fit to reduce your weight

Nintendo just announced at the Nintendo Press Conference at E3 2007 the new Wii Fit. It was their last and biggest game to be shown in the conference, which mostly described Nintendo’s upcoming games and their impact on public life with the innovative and fun gaming consoles, the DS and the Wii.

Wii Fit takes a hint from Wii Sports and is a full-fledged fitness instructor. Including a variety of different mini-games, Wii Fit aims at turning your Wii into a gym. The various exercises featured include push-ups, aerobics, yoga, dance and several fun games like headbutting Materazzi footballs that come shooting at you – the goalkeeper.

All this is achieved with the help of a new pressure platform, which can judge your BMI, the shift between your center of gravity as well as several other things. This will also judge whether you should improve your posture and so on.

The game will keep track of you and your family’s progress, which means that you can compete with other members of your family to see who loses weight faster (which is very good for you, yes you, fatty). Also, since the platform in question is completely wireless, you can put it anywhere in the room you like.

And who better to demonstrate it other than every geek’s hero, Shigeru Miyamoto! The big daddy himself competed (and lost) in his game, which was fun to watch. Still, I would find it ridiculous to move my body around and headbutt the air on a pressure platform.

Currently, no release date has been supplied. It may come anywhere from the end of 2007, to the middle of 2008. Of course, Nintendo will not hesitate to tell us – once all the fanboys have stopped squabbling.

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