No Doubt re-unite, “Surprise,” she says.


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Believe it or not, I feel that there was a time that No Doubt did not totally suck. Back before Gwen Stefani’s solo effort hit us with the mind-numbingly stupid lines, “This shit is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!” she put on a hell of a show jumping, flailing, contorting, and wailing to Orange County flavored pop rock. I used to be in love with Gwen.This past weekend, Orange County was treated to a very special surprise when the rest of No Doubt took the stage during Gwen’s encore performance, and they cranked out some old No Doubt tunes. Above is I’m Just a Girl, followed by the much inferior It’s My Life, both performed beneath the din of hundreds of screaming pre-pubescent girls.Supposedly, the band is back in the studio, recording a new record due out next year. Here’s hoping the band makes a return to it’s ska/punk influenced roots. Hit the jump for Spiderwebs.

One thought on “No Doubt re-unite, “Surprise,” she says.”

  1. What doesn’t make sense is that the fans of her solo stuff aren’t the people who would have really appreciated to have been there when the band took the stage. I used to like No Doubt as well (I’ve got their greatest hits CD), and I hope they can bring out some good stuff with their latest effort. I want something as good as “New,” which is inarguably the best No Doubt song ever.

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