Sony has just about beaten the church, baby jesus cries

Now, if you haven’t heard of the battle between the Angelican Manchester Church and Insomniac, then let me give you the quick version. Insomniac games has created Resistance for Sony’s PS3, giving them one of their few, if not only, good launch title. Well in the game you go through a famous British Church, this church being the Angelican Church in Manchester. The Bishop, amongst others presumably, having a war being fought in their Church in such a Photorealistic manner due to gun control with in Manchester.

Well Sony and the Church have fought back and forth, like children over a small toy, about the subject. Well it seems that, according to British solicitor Alex Chapman, the church is going to be fighting an uphill battle against Sony. According to British copyright law, infringement cannot be brought against buildings or sculptures that are on permanent public display. Simply put, unless the church finds some clause with in British law, or have the hand of God smite the heathen Sony corporation, there’ll be no pulling of Resistance from the retail market.

For more information hit up this lovely Kotaku page giving you all the up to the minute information

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