Marketplace Content Regionally Locked

Announced as a “feature” of the May ’07 dashboard update, the region lock for Xbox Live Market place content has started the lockin’.

Since last week many international users, who have US gamertags, have reported that they were met with the following message: This Content Is Not Available For Your Current Location. The above warning is shown for a wide array of downloads, all the content from the Video Marketplace, most of the game trailers and demos, downloadable content, such as the Gears Of War maps and even some Xbox Live Arcade games are locked.

The situation has really made a lot of users frustrated, as many of them live in countries where Microsoft’s online service is not offered at all.

[UPDATE]: Since yesterday (May 25th) the regional lock is no more, no one knows why and until when it will be like this, for now, lets enjoy.

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