Burger King, haunting your dreams for the rest of your life.

Burger King, back when they released a series of Xbox(360) titles that outsold Gears of war, were holding contests to win a 360 gift pack. It seems they kept their word on the contest, leaving one 360 faithful(among a probably dozen or so) with a nice little package. One winner, named David(not Rodgriguez), obtained one of these prizes and was terrified by what he saw(at least I’d be). Sure, he got a brand new premium 360, 3 extra wireless controllers, 13 free months of XBL, a vision camera, a free faceplate, a wireless adapter for this 360, and a 50 dollar BK gift card, but he also got a horrifying item that would give even Chuck Norris AND Bruce Campbell nightmares.

He got this:

Yes, a Burger KING mask. I’d probably burn the box right there and scrub off several layers of skin off in the shower.

BK is twisted

3 thoughts on “Burger King, haunting your dreams for the rest of your life.”

  1. Are you kidding me? I was looking for one of those masks both for Halloween and so that I could run on the field with it during the Football games at my school. Screw the 360, I want the mask.

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