And so the Gears of War stop turning.

Epic released their not so epic update to Gears of War today, fixing many glitches and adding a new game type. Another thing they “fixed”, despite it being perfect, was the game’s roadie running system. Where once it was that you could run across the entire map without having to worry about getting stuck to something, now all you can do is run 5 feet with nothing but worry of getting stuck to something. They supposedly adjusted the roadie running system by “reducing frequency of accidentally grabbing cover while running” but it seems they did just the opposite.

I just finished playing Annex for nearly 3 hours and found that every time I tried running around the map I would do nothing but get stuck to something at the slightest movement. At one point Gears of War was good, now it’s a piece of crap. Good luck getting people to pay for your new maps now that you’ve made the game a huge steaming pile.

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