Completely Lost?

Does anyone else have the same love/hate relationship with the show Lost that I have? It seems that sometimes the show will be amazing, two weeks ago, and sometimes the show will suck, like last week. I love the show but it just seems that as it goes on it becomes more and more inconsistent as to when we will actually see an episode that adds to the story and is worth watching and when there will be an episode when nothing happens. I was just wondering if anyone else felt the same way.

5 thoughts on “Completely Lost?”

  1. Why the hell do you say that last week sucked?! It was awesome! Considering that there are like 50 odd survivors it’s perfectly fine for the story to go back and insert what happened to the other 40 that we never see.

  2. I just did not care for *spoiler* two people dying who I really didn’t care about. Although it was unique in the way they died, it really did not add that much to the story besides two more dead people. If they them dying had changed something drastic in the story then I would not have felt that it “sucked”.

  3. Their death was amazing and this episode revealed why viewers shouldn’t care for them. They’re pure evil. Even on the island they did not change for the better unlike the rest of the tinted characters. Yeah their story didn’t affect the plot much, but it was still great how they inter-weaved these two characters to have more story than what we originally thought.

  4. I will admit that the inter-weaving was awesome and the way that they died was pretty cool but I would much rather learn what that hell that huge black thing is or the answers to any of the other hundreds of questions. It just seems to me that they are wasting time and not answering the questions that everyone is wondering about. Personally, that’s the reason that I still watch the show.

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