X-Files 2 trailer

Sure it’s leaked and probably will be taken down, but it’s here! X-Files 2 the movie that fans have been waiting for, well maybe some fans have been waiting for this sequel. Honestly I can’t say whether or not this movie will be any good after seeing the trailer so judge for yourself and let me know what you think! X-Files 2 is coming out July 25, 2008.

X-Files 2: The Movie

With word out now that The X-Files 2 movie is coming to theaters in 2008, I pose the question is this a good thing?

Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

The X-Files, though a classic TV show, is something that to many is seen as cheesy and stupid. The series never truly answered half the questions it brought up. Do you honestly think the second movie will answer more questions than it asks? I say no. Either way if it can be as cheesy and fun as the clips above, I’m totally down to seeing the new movie.The clips above came from the video game released in the 90s. Yes it was awesome.