New LOST trailer

Is it almost that time of year? You know when the leaves start changing colors and the summer heat goes away?

Wait it’s December… so why hasn’t ABC aired new LOST episodes yet?! The only reason to watch the ABC channel, has for better or worse had many changes this season. First LOST was supposed to have 16 episodes, now since the Writer’s Strike say hello to only 8 new episodes, and it will be pushed to Thursday nights. Talk about the kiss of death.

Of course you should have been able to get your LOST fix with the online webisodes called Lost: Missing Pieces. If you never checked that out, you’re one of the millions of fans that ignored one big piece of crap. Ok I only watched the first episode. That was a piece of crap.

ABC has released a new promo for Season 4, which begins airing on January 31st. Watch it here and then drool.

Lost Minisodes Are HERE

Lost Missing Pieces

ABC has answered the call of LOST fans by giving them mini-episodes that can be found on ABC’s website! New episodes air every Monday. These 2-3 minute episodes are brand-new footage with the regular cast of Lost. They are NOT deleted scenes.

Hopefully watching these episodes will be worthwhile, but ultimately I can’t imagine that they will be. ABC doesn’t want to split up its fanbase by having some people know some new fact while other fans don’t because they didn’t watch the online episodes.

At the same time the episodes will hopefully feed the fire that Lost fans have for knowing what will happen next when the new season begins in 2008.