Speed Racer: Stay in the Pit, You’ll Be Better Off!

Speed Racer
Warner Bros./Village Roadshow
Starring Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci, John Goodman, Susan Sarandon, and Matthew Fox
Directed by The Wachowski Brothers
Rated PG for sequences of action, some violence, language, and brief smoking
Running Time = 135 minutes (2 hours 15 minutes)
Available Now

On your mark, get set, and go find another movie to watch. Speed Racer is by far one of the most obnoxious, frustrating, and irritating films I have seen in a long time. I kept asking myself Continue reading “Speed Racer: Stay in the Pit, You’ll Be Better Off!”

The Wachowskis’ next: Ninja Assassin


The Wachowskis faced a bit of criticism for their sub-average Speed Racer. This was pretty disappointing from the guys behind V for Vendetta and of course, the The Matrix series. It looks like the Wachowskis are willing to strike back, and they’re doing it with a movie that should in all respects, be as awesome as its title hints: Ninja Assassin.

Oh yeah. Hit the jump (except all you pirate-lovers).

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