The Childhood of a Leader – DVD Review


Too often we forget that all leaders – whether it’s Obama, Bush, Clinton, Castro, or Hitler – have one thing in common: they all were children. Each had their own experiences, heartaches, triumphs, and setbacks that made them the leaders they would eventually become. For good or ill, whether they were loved or hated, the leaders mentioned above, and thousands more like them, were influenced by events that transpired in their childhoods.

Enter The Childhood of a Leader, a gripping drama about a young sociopathic boy named Prescott whose primary mission in life appears to make the lives of the adults around him a living hell. With his tantrums and crazy behavior, Prescott’s world revolves around leaving chaos and destruction in his wake for all who encounter him. Taking the brunt of his abuse is his devoted and pious Mother who does everything within her power to control her son; with little effect.

Set against the backdrop of post-WWI Europe, The Childhood of a Leader is an allegory that shows the rise of Fascism that would eventually entangle the rest of the world in the second World War. Is Prescott destined for greatness, or destined for great destruction?

With its superb visuals and excellent score, The Childhood of a Leader is intriguing and engaging entertainment for fans of historical drama. Featuring Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones), Robert Pattinson (the Twilight saga), and Stacy Martin (Nymphomaniac: Part I and Part II), this brilliant piece by first-time director Brady Corbet is powerful filmmaking at its finest.

I recommend The Childhood of a Leader!

The Childhood of a Leader is available now on DVD.

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