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Spaceport America

When you’ve got the US Federal Aviation Administration green lighting the first ever commercial spaceport operation, you know it’s big news. The FAA approved Spaceport America’s request to vertically and horizontally launch into space.

Now it’s as “simple” as building the spacestation, which is said to begin in the first quarter of 2009. Spaceport America hopes to have the terminal and hangar facility completed by late 2010.

In order to get to the spacestation, space cadets will fly on Virgin Galactic. In the past, those Galactic tickets have cost $200,000.

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Do You Live in LA?

‘Last Stop for Paul’ invite for screening‘Last Stop for Paul’ invite for screening

In the Spring of 2005, writer, producer, director Neil Mandt and cinematographer Marc Carter set out on an around the world journey to film the story about two guys traveling to the famous Full Moon Party in Thailand. All they had was one camera, two wireless microphones, three batteries and a rough story outline. They traveled without a crew, a cast or having scouted any locations, all of this was to be done on the fly.

There weren’t any casting calls along the way, just strangers picked up on the street to either act in a scene or hold the camera as Neil and Marc delivered their improvised lines.

The outcome is a smart, funny and poignant story about world travel.

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