Witchblade teaser poster, site now online

Witchblade Poster Preview

Among the lesser known comic book series lies Witchblade. Then again, flipping through a few random pages, most people would conclude it to be a trashy ’90s half-porno comic book. While that is true to some extent, Witchblade can atleast be considered as one of the better trashy ’90s half-porno comics.

And what’s better than a sexy live-action movie about it? Witchblade has already been in anime, manga and a cancelled TV series and of course, thousands of pieces of hentai artwork. Ahem. The series is about a mysterious gauntlet passed down from ages that turns a female into a superheroine while stripping her of all clothes to reveal her darn-sexy booty (a prerequisite for wearing the Witchblade).

Well, the teaser poster and site for the movie have just come out, and you’ll find them by hitting the jump!

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