The Shadow #1 Comic Book Review

The Shadow #1 Dynamite Entertainment

The Shadow is just one of those characters that I’ve been waiting years to see a revival of. The most recently released products were simply reprints of the pulp series and before that it was items related to the 1994 film. In 2006 we were given hope that The Shadow would be coming back as it was announced that a new film version of The Shadow was being worked on, but that was six years ago and we still have yet to hear any concrete updates regarding that project.

So last year in August Dynamite Entertainment announced that they would be creating a new comic book series based on The Shadow. Obviously this is a big deal for fans of The Shadow. Continue reading “The Shadow #1 Comic Book Review”

The Shadow Fan Gets A New Design

The Shadow Fan

My website a website dedicated to the 1930s pulp hero The Shadow has just received a face lift. I’m eagerly awaiting the new shadow film set for a 2010 release. With Sam Raimi and Michael Uslan teaming up to produce the new film, I’m sure it’ll be a huge hit. Be aware that I’ll be covering this film inside and out when information breaks!