Tony Stark in Incredible Hulk scene

Our dear friend Tony has been getting around a lot these days. I guess anyone can afford that when you’re a multi-billionaire. Tony Stark aka Iron Man is in The Incredible Hulk. Yes if this is a spoiler to you, then you obviously haven’t seen the film. Well I haven’t seen the film, but I heard about it with the net-vines.

Of course StuffWeLike went scowering across the webs for any related video to bring to you loyal readers and of course we succeeded.

Unlike our previous Samuel L. Jackson video in Iron Man, hopefully this Tony Stark video won’t have to be taken offline. It seems as if this video is an official trailer. If it ain’t it’ll probably have to be taken down. So watch it while you can.

If this isn’t an incentive to go watch The Incredible Hulk, I don’t know what is.