A Short by Seth and Daniel – Short Film Review


Here’s a fun short from some film students at California State University, Northridge. Continue reading “A Short by Seth and Daniel – Short Film Review”



Not really. Remember the good old days with games like Monster Truck Madness and Motocross Madness? Well, nowadays we get games such as Score International Baja 1000 The Official Game for the Nintendo Wii and Monster Jam: Urban Assault for the Nintendo DS. When I was handed these two games, I thought to myself, “Oh cool! Its been years since I last played a game like this!” These games took that excitement, and punched it in the throat.

Lets start with Baja 1000 for the Wii. This game was a little deceiving at first. The Activision Logo followed by the sleek menus were a fresh start, as soon as I moved my controller around, I noticed that the Wii-mote had no interactivity with it. You couldn’t point and click on the icons. Selection was all done with the analog stick or D-pad.

Oh well, lets see how it plays. Moments later, I was ready to turn it off… so I did. Here is why: THIS GAME BLOWS! Horrible graphics, horrible music, unless you love TOTALLY KILLER GUITAR RIFFS DUDE!!!!.. and horrible game play mechanics. There is no use of the Wii-mote, the game is extremely simple and short, and it plays like a shitty PS1 game. The experience all together made me mad at David for giving me such crap games.


Now, lets talk about Sex… oh man.. I wish we could… but no. Lets talk about Monster Jam: Urban Assault for the DS. SWEET DUDE! THIS GAME IS KILLER BRO!… (urp) …hm.. excuse me.. ok so, this game has a little bit more going for it than Baja 1000 did. MINI GAMES! But, these mini games are absolutely pointless and ridiculous. Monster Jam consists driving big trucks in the city. COOL! And a mini game that has you launching off of large Ski-Ball ramps. OOOOOH FUN! I played that mini game for about 5 minutes, and then I stopped. Actually, my DS died, but 5 minutes was all I need to play that mini game. With horrible 3-D environments that put the DS to shame, a horrible soundtrack, and controllers that basically consist of you holding A and pressing forward, this game can bite a big one. Oh, and not to mention that there is no use of the DS’s touch pad.

Score International Baja 1000 The Official Game on the Nintendo Wii Rating: F
Monster Jam: Urban Assault on the Nintendo DS Rating: F+