ReBoot Failure

ReBoot 5 stories to vote on

As I reported earlier, ReBoot is coming back with a vengeance – a trilogy of feature-length films! Zeros2Heroes has all 5 potential stories on their site waiting for users to review them and choose the best one. The highest rated story will go on to become the story to the films.

As a huge ReBoot fan I have to report back saying that they all suck. Many of them take what ReBoot was and shove it out the window, destroying what MainFrame beautifully created in the early 90’s. None of these stories understand what made ReBoot so much fun for its viewers. It was the comedy, the silliness of the characters and the whole story itself. The idea of the hardware and software of a computer being alive and what kind of world this would create, amazed both children and geeks alike!

A lot of these new stories are dark and have twisted the computer world called Mainframe. The two most popular stories ReBoot: Arrival and ReBoot: 2.0 roughly continue from where the TV show ended, which is nice for fans but why aim for only fans. If ReBoot is coming back let it shine and expand its small audience into something great gives the franchise a base to continue to create more products than these most likely straight to DVD movies.

You can voice your own opinion on these stories on Zeros2Heroes website or you can avoid this “contest” all together and voice your opinion by not participating in this sad excuse of a rebirth.

Where are these guys?

ReBoot The Movie


Finally the first CGI TV show ever ReBoot is getting the respect that it deserves! Rainmaker Animation who bought the original creators MainFrame Entertainment in 2006, are going to be making a trilogy of feature-length films based on the ReBoot series.

Aired in 1994, ReBoot is about life from within the computer. Everything from RAM to harddrives are represented as characters. What made this series so great was the shear amount of comedy in it. While being a children’s program shown on ABC, YTV, and later Cartoon Network, ReBoot had parodies throughout its lifetime including the X-Files and Evil Dead. The series followed three characters, Bob, Dot, and Enzo the defenders of the central computer. Most episodes consisted of them playing against the user in computer games or fighting the virus Megabyte or Hexadecimal.

“The idea is to relaunch the brand in a new way,” said Rainmaker Animation executive vice president Paul Gertz, who will oversee the project.

The story for these films will be decided upon by fans starting July 26, the opening date for Comic-Con 07! Rainmaker has partnered up with Zeros 2 Heroes, a new social networking site for comic book fans, to reveal five different story possibilities. It will be up to fans to choose what pitch they want to see turned into the ReBoot films. A internet based comic will be published this year also based upon the selected pitched idea.

We bet that a lot of you have never seen this series so we’ve gathered a bunch of video clips for your enjoyment!

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