Flickr’s Two Billionth Photo

Flickr’s 2 billionth photo

You might have an account on Flickr. Heck, you might have even posted a dozen photos of that geek party you held last year that nobody commented on. Well, you might be pleased to know that you just lost the race to get the 2 Billionth image on Flickr.

Over here at Flickr, you can see that lucky little yukesmooks posted image #2000000000 on Flickr. The photo, whose preview you can see above is of some sort of a tree (or something that looks like some sort of a tree) and was taken at Market City in Chinatown Haymarket in Sydney. Nothing spectacular, in my honest opinion.

I suppose the next thing to look out for will be who gets image #2500000000, or #3000000000. Here’s a challenge from StuffWeLike: post image no. 2185510267 on Flickr and we’ll give you a special hug.