Day the Earth Stood Still – Region 2 DVD Review


A remake of the 50’s classic Earth stars Keanu Reeves as alien visitor Klaatu, a “man” who comes to Earth to speak with the human leaders of the planet but instead ends up a prisoner of the US government. Continue reading “Day the Earth Stood Still – Region 2 DVD Review”

The Day the DVD Stood Still

While there are a lot of platitudes that can be assigned to the film The Day the Earth Stood Still, such as ‘classic’, ‘landmark’, or ‘timeless’ , which all seem rather over used and loosely applied, do in fact still ring true for the film. Setting the standard for serious science fiction films is no easy mantel to carry, but watching the film again reenforces this idea tenfold. Continue reading “The Day the DVD Stood Still”

Keanu Reeves as Spike in Cowboy Bebop movie? Woah.

Keanu Reeves

A live-action adaptation of the extraordinary anime series Cowboy Bebop is bad enough, but then it gets worse. Rumour has it that Keanu Reeves almost certainly has the role of lead protagonist Spike Spiegel. Now, Spike doesn’t really talk much, which is a good thing, but I still have every belief that Reeves will screw this up.

The movie is supposedly under development at Fox, but they haven’t announced anything officially yet. A source close to FirstShowing here says that the movie is still there, and will be headed for a 2010 release. No clear director yet, but Keanu has been attached to Spike Spiegel for some 8 months now. Disturbing.

I’m against a live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop, because it is best damn anime I’ve ever seen and one of my most favourite franchises. Now a CG movie or something, I can appreciate that. But why does Hollywood have to take it live action?

The awesome characters from the series will now be replaced by some crappy people like Keanu Reeves and what-not. I also doubt it the series will capture the original theme of the series, its mature Western feel, the importance of the soundtrack and its synchronization with the fight scenes. Instead, we’ll probably just be treated to some fancy special effects.

With the disaster that was Speed Racer, you must understand that it’s difficult to get your hopes up for this. I’m not saying that the anime was much better than what the Wachowkis made of it, but still.

Cowboy Bebop