The Wild Geese: Special Edition – DVD Review

(c) The Wild Geese - Arrow Films

Starring legendary actors Roger Moore (James Bond), Richard Burton (Where Eagles Dare) and Richard Harris (Gladiator) Wild Geese is the story of a highly specialised team of British mercenaries who are employed to rescue an African leader from prison and return him to power. Continue reading “The Wild Geese: Special Edition – DVD Review”

LOOK, it’s James Bond’s car!


On the weekend, Wembley Stadium-England’s new home of Football (I guess Soccer, for you guys in the states) was packed with some of the latest video games, many of which hadn’t been seen by the public before in Europe, until now.

Courtesy of online entertainment the public and press were given the opportunity to get a look and test games such as Robert Ludlum’s Bourne Conspiracy, Time Crisis for the Playstation 3, Lego Indiana Jones and more.

Be sure to check back for more on some of the games that were on show, including cosplayers, a Rock Band contest and more of the fun that was had.

But for now, check out the car above, which was on display at the show. It’s the actual car that was used in the filming of the new James Bond flick-Quantum of Solace. Looking at it just made me want to hop in and pretend I work for MI5.

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CES 2008: Voltaic Solar Bag saves Earth, but not your money

Voltaic’s Generator bag

Out in the gadget wilderness there are all sorts of energy saving solar-powered concoctions designed to save the Earth like some kind of inanimate superhero, with each claiming to be more super than the last. It’s no surprise then that CES 2008 brings with it its own contenders for the next batch of gadgets to appease the likes of Al Gore.

The Voltaic Generator bag (pictured) promises to produce 14.7 watts of energy from the giant solar panel on the front of the bag, that’s enough to charge a laptop from a whole days worth of sunlight. According to Voltaic, no other bag can do this.

Every wannabe superhero comes equipped with accessories, where would Batman and James Bond be without theirs? The bag includes adaptors for phones as well as a car charger and is compatible with USB devices.

And just in case you find yourself in one of the less sunnier climes like this London-based blogger there is a battery inside should you run out of solar energy.

Of course not everyone can be superhero. Priced at a whopping $599 that’s still the case. Why are environmentally-friendly gadgets always so expensive?