Movie Review: Fright Night 2: New Blood

Flashback to 2011 and the Fright Night remake was a flashy bloodthirsty film that updated the original 80s film and still had its own unique charm. One of the things that made me love the original film was the monster effects. I watched its 80’s sequel and was quickly let down. Even though Fright Night 2: New Blood is a straight to DVD/Bluray affair I still had hope that they would improve upon the previous Fright Night 2.

To say the least I was confused with how Fright Night 2: New Blood fits into the Fright Night mythos. In theory Fright Night 2: New Blood should follow the events of the 2011 version of Fight Night. However it doesn’t. What it does do is take the 80’s Fright Night 2 villain Elisabeth Bathory who basically is Dracula, at least the film really tries to get its audience to believe that this is the case. I mean why not just use Dracula instead? One good reason is because you could feature lots of sexy vampire stuff, but the film does a mediocre job of it. So again why not just use Dracula?

There isn’t much of a reason to watch Fright Night 2: New Blood as again it doesn’t expand the Fright Night universe nor does it provide much action, scares, or general entertainment. The one portion of the film that stands out from itself is the ending. It’s pretty neat with some cool creature effects, but it’s not satisfying enough to watch the entire movie.