The Caretaker – Movie Review


There are events in the lives of many people that they wish to forget. For them, the psychological function of repression is a powerful tool that can help eliminate painful and tragic memories from the mind to the point that they can almost feel non-existent. But when these traumatic events are triggered by an object, a person, or a fleeting memory, what follows can be as equally pain-inducing as the initial event.

What happens when such an event returns to one’s consciousness with such force that emotions and actions cause unintended harm? In The Caretaker, we get a glimpse at the dangers of repression, the aftermath of tragedy gone ignored, and the repercussions of past traumatic events that swallow anyone involved in present day activities in their wake of violence.

Birdie (Sondra Kerr Blake) is an elderly woman whom many believe to be a witch. When her initial caretaker has had enough of her shenanigans and the strange events that surround her, Birdie’s granddaughter, Mallorie (Meegan Walker), finds herself tasked with keeping watch over her grandmother. Along with Mallorie’s boyfriend, August (Sean Martini), the duo do their best to care for the aged woman; but mysterious things begin to happen around the house.

Mallorie soon starts having visions and sleepwalking. It’s all a bit much for August who wants nothing more than to get away from the creepy house and its ancient inhabitant (and she doesn’t care much for him, either). When Mallorie uncovers a truth about her grandmother’s past that she had long since repressed, the young woman finds herself trapped in the powerful grip of a world she had once thought gone forever.

Filled with plenty of twists and many creepy moments, The Caretaker draws you into its mysterious narrative and unfolds piece-by-piece until the final revelation leaves you both shocked and a tad off-kilter. It’s a solid work of supernatural storytelling that will have you on the edge of your seat until the screen goes black.

Look for character actor Barry Jenner in one of his final performances. TV fans will know him best as Lieutenant Murtaugh on Family Matters and as Admiral Ross on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Jenner and the rest of the cast deliver stellar performances that are both entertaining and intriguing to watch.

I recommend The Caretaker!

The Caretaker is available now on iTunes, Amazon, and other digital platforms.

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