Fallout 3 Refused Classification in Australia!

Brotherhood of Steel

Bethesda’s take on the glorious Fallout series, Fallout 3 has been refused classification in Australia! The news has been confirmed by the guys at Internode, the consequences of which are that the game is effectively banned in the land of kangaroos.

Why the banning has taken place is currently unknown, although a pretty good guess will be violence. Screenshots of the game released over the months have pointed to some pretty messy violence (much like the first two games). The game is pretty violent and bloody as it is, but the famed “Bloody Mess” perk in the game makes it bloodier and messier. Bethesda had confirmed recently that it will be returning. Perhaps that is reason for refusing classification?

Sex is definitely played down in the game, as Bethesda had mentioned. The game will have mature themes, but not so much about sex as in Fallout 2. That pretty much leaves violence in…

The game will most probably be sent in for a re-evaluation after some modifications. Fallout 3 is just too big a property to not be released in Australia. Besides, we want Zero Punctuation to be review it!

Interplay returns; brings Fallout MMO

Interplay Logo

Anybody who has lived and played video games before 2000 will have heard of Interplay, and with good reason – they were the makers of some of some of the most awesome games in video game history, with Fallout, the Descent games, the MDK games and many more cool titles.

However, encountering financial troubles, Interplay crashed into an unknown abyss, never to be seen again. Last December, Interplay announces their return – which they will finance from the money they got by selling the Fallout IP to Bethesda.

Interplay has released details now, and their plans appear ambitious enough to have them at the forefront of the industry again! Interplay will be working on a Fallout MMO (that’s right), sequels to Descent, Earthworm Jim, Dark Alliance and MDK!

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Fallout 3: Over 200 Endings, 100 hours of gameplay time

Fallout 3 Please Stand By

Fallout 3, the very long-awaited sequel to the phenomenal Fallout 2 has been in development at Bethesda for a while now (after much controversy) and Bethesda has revealed that it has almost done. The game has now moved on to a polish phase and we have no doubt that Bethesda is not going to to release it until they are totally sure it’s done, and by that we mean that it is so large and inflated that it develops a Matrix.

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