Fallout 3: Over 200 Endings, 100 hours of gameplay time

Fallout 3 Please Stand By

Fallout 3, the very long-awaited sequel to the phenomenal Fallout 2 has been in development at Bethesda for a while now (after much controversy) and Bethesda has revealed that it has almost done. The game has now moved on to a polish phase and we have no doubt that Bethesda is not going to to release it until they are totally sure it’s done, and by that we mean that it is so large and inflated that it develops a Matrix.

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Todd Howard, from Bethesda said that according to Bethesda customs, the game has to become massive and accordingly, Fallout 3 has over 200 endings, no exaggeration. Seriously, this is crazy.

Howard also admits that Fallout 3 has become much, much larger than they had originally planned (they said at first that it was way smaller than Oblivion). It is now twice the planned size and is “approaching Oblivion”, a well-used pun. The game is now easily 100 hours.

Right, so let’s recap this now, shall we? 100 hours of gameplay time, and 200 endings. Supposing that you play one game per ending, you can have about 20000 hours of gameplay. You can probably keep playing this game forever and keep unlocking something all the time. Why this addictive torture, Bethesda, why?!

And because we love statistics, let’s see this:

20000 hours = 833 days = 2.28 years

And you thought you could burn time.

Original Podcast: Official Xbox Magazine

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