Eva Longoria in The Avengers?!

And you’d think it’s still too early to talk about a movie coming out in 2011. But it’s never too early for Marvel comic book adaptations, especially after their masterstroke, Iron Man. So we do have a good idea now about what movies we can expect from Marvel, but isn’t cast speculation a little too early?

And if it’s too early for cast speculation, shouldn’t it be a little unthinkable that they’ve already started casting? Hell, Favreau only gave us fuzzy details of Iron Man 2, it would be shocking if they’ve already started putting stars as The Avengers.

Rumour is, Eva Longoria may be cast in it. Yes, that Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives (like you were thinking of another, pfft). How does this rumour crop up? Look at the image above. Yes, Longoria was seen at the Marvel Studios offices and went out carrying a bunch of those Avengers issues. Coincidence? Sudden fandom?

Seemingly, she wasn’t too careful on hiding those, so it could either mean that it’s supposed to be a misleading hype-event or a direct declaration. Hmm.