StuffWeLike Conquers Digg, Digg Kicks StuffWeLike in the Crotch VS

If you’ve been trying to access for the past several hours, the site has been offline. Yesterday I submitted Ted Stokes’ interview with Valve’s Marketing Director Doug Lambardi to the popular website. Seeing that the article was getting a few diggs in a couple of hours, I was content and went to bed.When I woke up the next morning around 9am Garbled Zombie and I were talking about how the post reached around 38 diggs, the highest digg count for any of our previously submitted articles. Out of no where the article reached 50 diggs and within minutes hit 100!

We were both ecstatic, but then StuffWeLike shut down. Yes we hit our CPU Quota. The traffic didn’t stop pouring in. I frantically decided to upgrade our servers. A little over 7 hours and almost 2000 diggs later the website came back online.

Yes, StuffWeLike got the crap kicked out of it also known as the ‘Digg Effect’, but we’re back with a vengeance!

Now that you know the story, also know that we’re trying our best to stay online and will continue to update the blog.

Thanks for your patience.