Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian – DVD Review


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DVD REVIEW: Tropic Thunder

All right lets cut the obvious, if you haven’t seen Tropic Thunder yet you missed out on one of the greatest summer comedies since Superbad. HOWEVER unlike Superbad this DVD does give you a chance to redeem your self.

If you buy purchasing the Director’s Cut DVD you will get about 30 minutes more footage than the theatrical “R” rated version. You also get access to an entire separate disk of bonus material with sweet featurettes like how they blew stuff up, extended and deleted scenes; and of course an alternate ending.

You also can see the entire “Rain Of Madness” series, that is the fake documentary about Tropic Thunder. Most of the episodes never made it on to iTunes, but it’s definitely worth a look if you enjoyed the movie or you simply have some time to spend laughing.

To keep it simple, this DVD is a great delight to a hysterical summer blockbuster. If you saw the movie over the summer, and laughed; pick up the DVD and get ready to hold your guts in, before you explode of laughter. If you never went out to see what the Thunder was all about, you owe it to yourself to quickly buy the DVD and experience this great satire!

O Ra!
– Steve Stifler