What is this world coming to?

I’m pissed off!  

If it wasn’t enough that in the March 31st issue of the International Herald Tribune, a front page article declared: The Baton Passes to Asia, with a tag line of “It’s the end of the era of the white man.”

Followed by the April 1 front page article in the British rag The Independent declaring “USA 2008: The Great Depression” (no April Fool’s here folks).

Now comes reports that the first pen-spinning champion is Ryuki Omura, a 16-year-old Japanese high school student.

What, American’s have grown so damn fat they can not twirl a pen between their fingers?

Omura was among the 16 finalists chosen from 276 video entries to showcase his moves in Tokyo on Sunday in a contest organized by the Pen Spinning Association Japan.

A short video of Omura showing off his talents can be found here. (Warning site is in Japanese.  Click on picture to the left)

Have a nice day!