Riverdale: The Complete First Season – DVD Review

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Archie has been a mainstay in the world of comics since he was introduced to the world in 1941. For over 76 years, the zany adventures of Archie Andrews and his friends Betty, Veronica, Jughead and others have entertained audiences both old and young. The trials and tribulations of this swell group of teens in the small town of Riverdale still has a place on supermarket checkout stands throughout the nation with Double Digests showcasing its myriad characters time and again.

Over the course of seven decades, Archie and his pals remained their classic selves, with misadventures and teenage drama never getting too crazy for the comic world they inhabited. Whether it was the innocent love triangle between Archie, Betty, and Veronica, or Jughead’s love of food, the plots of the early comics were rather tame.

But Archie and Riverdale would move beyond comics and into radio, TV, and film over the course of those seven decades, and as the medium evolved so did the characters, the stories, and the themes. It was the evolution of more mature thematic elements that eventually led to the death of Archie in the comics in 2014 (in at least one incarnation of the Riverdale universe).

Like Marvel and DC, Archie and his pals exist in multiple versions of their respective worlds, with each new iteration bringing a fresh take to old and new audiences. The latest take on Archie is the new series, Riverdale.

A Millennial update of the 1941 storyline, Riverdale introduces Archie (KJ Apa), Betty (Lili Reinhart), Veronica (Camila Mendes), and others in a much more brooding and sullen manner than the initial incarnation did. There are secrets and lies aplenty that each character possesses; each one dedicated to their own personal need to maintain some semblance of balance between their personal and social lives. It is from this conflict than many of the stories arise in Riverdale, and the multitude of setups from the pilot build to the revealing season finale.

This definitely isn’t your grandparent’s Archie Comics! There’s a lot of sex, a lot of angst, and a lot of suspense that make Riverdale a must-watch for anyone who’s looking for a solid teenage soap opera. It’s definitely for those who miss Dawson’s Creek and are looking for a new series to sink their teeth into.

And there’s plenty to explore and get excited about in this particular Archie universe. With new problems mixed with familiar comic book storylines, the creators of the series have done a great job mixing the old with the new, the classic with the contemporary. Fans of the old Archie will be intrigued, while newcomers will find something to enjoy as well.

Riverdale: The Complete First Season includes a number of great special features:

The New Normal
See how the world of the beloved comic book icons Archie, Betty, and Veronica has grown darker and more mysterious over the decades.

I Got You
Unplugged musical duet featuring Archie and Valerie.

Riverdale: 2016 Comic-Con Panel
Cast and crew gather to discuss the show.

Riverdale: The Ultimate Sin
This short documentary explores how a dead body plunged a small town into the heart of darkness.

These Are the Moments I Remember
Musical piece featuring Archie with Josie and the Pussycats.

Gag Reel

There’s plenty of suspense, excitement, and drama to be explored with Riverdale: The Complete First Season.

Riverdale: The Complete First Season is available NOW on DVD!

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