Why There is No Indigo Prophecy 2


David Cage, chief dude behind Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit reveals why he chose not to make a sequel to it. Plus, we’ve got a picture of Carla in her underpants.
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EA To Publish Tim Schafer’s Brütal Legend

Eddie Riggs strangles a... whatever those things are called.
Eddie Riggs strangles a... whatever those things are called.

Regardless of whether you listen to fools or not, it’s now officially official that Electronic Arts will be publishing Brütal Legend, Tim Schafer’s next title. This comes as a wave of relief for Schafer fans, since the title was floating in limbo since Activision Blizzard dropped it.
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3 New DeathSpank Teaser Trailers; Thong of Justice


DeathSpank. You may not have heard of it, but I have my eyes, ears and private parts on this one. The reason is that this the brainchild of Ron Gilbert, the legendary warrior-game designer who created the Monkey Island series and can today be seen grumbling and annoying people at his personal blag, Grumpy Gamer.

Yes, so what’s so great about DeathSpank, you ask? The answer would be Gilbert’s description of the game: “Monkey Island meets Diablo”. That is indeed a diabolic statement, but coming from Gilbert’s mouth, they could either be dead serious or dead sarcastic. Or both. Hmm.

Anyways, we’ve just got a bunch of teaser trailers to DeathSpank floating around the sea of YouTube that we’d like to show you. Each weighs in around a minute, the first showing off some stylish action that has just enough gore to mock Tim Schafer’s Brütal Legend.

The second and third show off some items and gear from the game that will most probably assist DeathSpank in whatever heroic act he is in at the moment. Of course, the most remarkable of these would be the spacious and ballsy Thong of Justice. We’ll just leave you at that.

To save you from some browser slowdown, we’ve put the other two videos after the jump, so continue reading!

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Wallace & Gromit the Episodic Game series!

Wallace & Gromit game

Wallace & Gromit, two of my most favourite animated characters, will be converted into video game form by Telltale Games, the guys behind the great Sam & Max line of episodic adventure games. The series will be titled “Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures” which sounds like a pretty decent, yet generic title.

The game will work along the lines of Sam & Max, but knowing Wallace & Gromit, it should be an easy adaptation. It will also most likely involve a lot of building and zany contraptions. We still have no clear details on this game, but I’d expect it to be an adventure game. I mean seriously, you thought it would be a first person shooter?

Telltale will be really working on this one to give it the clay look. Hell, I didn’t think the screenshot you see above was CG! It’d be really nice to interact with Wallace & Gromit in their native medium! Interestingly, while the claymation in Wallace & Gromit is pretty simple, Telltale is still working hard on it:

“Clay presents a challenge if you really get into the detail of it. For example, adding fingerprints in a medium where there aren’t any is one of the discussions of how far we should go with the game’s detail.”

No idea on the whens and whats of this game, but a good guess would be that the game wouldn’t come around anywhere this year.

Myst to hit the DS!

Myst’s Island

In gaming’s Hall of Fame stands out one title – Myst, an adventure game that left a huge impact on the games industry and also became the highest-selling game of its time, later beaten by the gay The Sims. If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve never even heard of the game, because it was released in 1993 and you started getting serious in games in like what, 2003?

This classic adventure title that a whole lot of people have fond memories of, is now making its way to North American Nintendo DSs, where it will do the same magic it did 15 years ago. And if you haven’t played the original, and own a DS, we see no reason why you shouldn’t get this game other than the fact that you have a gay pink DS. Okay.

The DS version features brand new graphics, with a lot more information to aid your quest. The lower screen functions as the game itself (which you now gloriously control with your phallic stylus), while the upper screen gives you all sorts of information. Myst, while being an adventure game that puts you into stunningly immersive environments, still focuses on puzzles and logic games. And hell, I don’t see “immersive” coming anywhere when you’re staring into a tiny DS screen in the middle of a crowded subway station.

Myst DS is scheduled to release in North America in March 2008. Buy it and let’s see if we can make it the best-selling DS game on the planet.

Ron Gilbert allies with Hothead for hilarious RPG-Adventure “DeathSpank”


Among the gaming halls of fame is a platinum bust of Ron Gilbert, famed video game designer, two great works of his being Maniac Mansion and The Secret of Monkey Island. If you had any assumptions that Mr. Gilbert had been abducted by adventure-game-loving aliens, think again, because you were somehow right. HotHead Games, developers of… uh… have taken dragged Ron Gilbert into their fortress of doom to design a video game he had in his mind for a long time – DeathSpank! This video game will truly be used for nefarious purposes to enslave mankind!

DeathSpank will be an RPG-Adventure hybrid, and I have a feeling we’re talking real adventure here, because that’s Ron Gilbert talking. He describes it as a Diablo-Monkey Island hybrid, which sounds like beautifully twisted fun for all ages. It will be an episodic game, with its first episode titled rather sombrely as “Orphans of Justice”, which will be coming rather soonish, according to the big poster on their website.

And now, because your subconscious mind really asked for it, here’s the official press release(!):

Gilbert joins the Vancouver crew as Creative Director

The Great White North, January 9, 2008 – In a move that may upset the balance of the universe (or at least that around the 49th parallel), Hothead Games announced plans to publish Ron Gilbert’s long-awaited RPG-Adventure game, DeathSpank. Described as “Monkey Island meets Diablo”, the game will be released in episodic format and feature Gilbert’s unique style of humor and storytelling. In a related move, Ron Gilbert will be joining the company’s Vancouver-based studio as Creative Director, effective immediately.

Speaking from his secret game design cave, Ron Gilbert said, “I’ve spent over four years trying to find the right publisher for this strange little game. Now that I’ve done it, you just know that somewhere four horsemen are saddling up.”

The episodic game follows the thong-tastic adventures of a misguided hero named DeathSpank, a character that first appeared on Gilbert’s Grumpy Gamer website in a series of animated comics he penned with long-time creative collaborator, Clayton Kauzlaric.

Hothead prepared for Gilbert’s arrival by ordering the finest morsels of jellied moose meat and lager brewed with water from the nearest available glacier. “We’re all huge fans of Monkey Island and we love Ron’s unique vision and sense of humor,” said Joel DeYoung, COO of Hothead Games. “Ron shares Hothead’s goal of bringing much-needed humor and innovation into games, so having him here in Vancouver as our Creative Director is an excellent fit.”

“I’m really excited to be working with Hothead Games not only on DeathSpank, but as their new Creative Director,” said Gilbert. “I got to know everyone at Hothead while I was helping with On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness. They really understand humor and being creative like very few publishers do.”

As Creative Director, Gilbert will work in the Vancouver-based studio on all of Hothead’s games. He is also expected to improve his hockey skills substantially during his stay.