Return From Witch Mountain – DVD Review


Vacationing supernatural teens. Money-hungry baddies. A gaggle of scrappy kids. A terrorist threat on Los Angeles. Yep, it’s time for Return from Witch Mountain, Continue reading “Return From Witch Mountain – DVD Review”

Watership Down: Politics Through Animation

Watership Down (1978)
Warner Bros./Nepenthe Productions
Starring the voice talents of John Hurt, Richard Briers, Zero Mostel
Not Rated
Running Time = 92 minutes
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Allegory – a story in which people, things, and happenings have a hidden or symbolic meaning: allegories are used for teaching or explaining ideas, moral principles, etc.

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Remember 2-D animation? Yes, there was a time when animated movies were drawn and painted by hand, without the assistance of computers. It’s a complex process that employs hundreds of hours of work and detail. The end result is a series of moving drawings on the screen. Continue reading “Watership Down: Politics Through Animation”